If your property is currently on the market but you feel your agent is not working as hard for you as they should then you are welcome to call us and will be pleased to offer you the benefit of our experience and advise you accordingly.

These are the kind of questions you might be asking yourself:

  • Was the valuation thorough – did my agent conduct an extensive viewing of my property, and did they explain the factors behind the valuation they gave me (location, condition, the current market, etc)? Or did they tell me what they thought I wanted to hear in order to win my instruction?
  • Has my current agent demonstrated a really deep understanding of the local market, and explained to me how my property fits in that context?
  • Has my current agent given me advice on how to present my property to potential buyers?
  • Is my property being advertised effectively, on websites, social media, in my agents’ offices and elsewhere?
  • Am I receiving regular progress calls from my agent, or am I constantly having to chase them?

If you have answered no to any of these questions then you need to be speaking to us. We have a number of testimonials from people that wished they had chosen us first! We’re always delighted to help, even if we were not the first choice. Put your trust in us.

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